la culasse MMW pour le TS1

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Suite a la question sur le poids de cette culasse, jugee lourde par Sam et Patrick, voici la raison de Harald (Gravediger)

"MMW manufactured from solid block of aluminium. That makes the head not only exceptional strong, it also absorbs the detonation noise much better. To achieve the quietest running possible, it is highly recommend to put some small rubbers pieces between the cooling fins. (Fuel hose pieces are perfect for this job.)
The cooling fins deliver a much bigger surface, what improves cooling.
The combustion chamber geometry is highly efficient. That improves as well the power output (horse power and torque) as reliabilty, because of a much better combustion action.
MMW cylinder head for TS 1 225 ccm, Rapido 225 ccm and cast cylinders with Asso Werke 2-ring pistons.
CNC machined alloy cylinder head with central combustion chamber! Though it has the central combustion chamber the spark plug sits in the usual Lambretta position. No hassle with dissasembling the rear shock to change the spark plug.
So a real high performance head, that is suitable for everyday use. This is realised by the device to use a C-spark plug (M10x1 thread).
If your barrel and piston line up at top dead centre you will have a 1,2 mm squish measurement. Else you have to use gaskets in different thickness.
The geometrical compression ratio is 12:1."

En 2 mots c'est une culasse faite pour absorber la detonation et rendre le moteur plus silencieux pour une utilisation journaliere. Conseillé d'y mettre des silentblocks de culasse pour attenuer les vibrations. et la chambre de combustion est centree
Very Happy
si ça marche autant et en plus ça rabaisse le volume sonore, je suis supercontent!!

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