Exhaust springs on RS RB22 pipe.

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Hi there.
Just jetting up my RB22 with one of the RSperformances expansion, but i'm finding the exhaust springs way too weak to hold the pipe into the stub. Are there alternative springs? have you noticed this problem?
The expansion is causing way too much vibration because of this.
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I have ridden the scooter to Liége for its first real run. Before i left i fitted stronger springs to the exhaust which solved the vibration problem, i also double checked that everything was mounted correctly and not touching anywhere.
Unfortunately the Ninja tail can disintegrated after 120klms and i have to use a breakdown service to get home.
I will send you the rest of the story by PM david.
Up to when the end can failed the exhaust was working very well, using sx200 gearing i was accelleratig between 100 and 130 with very little effort in fourth gear, this seems to be where the RB is different to the TS1 lots of overtaking power in fourth.
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