Nouveau kit MB developments....

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ce kit est un touring conçu sur une tres bonne base prevue pour encaisser les grosses modifs....prevu en 190 et 225 (meme cylindre apparement)

Strengthened aluminum.
Precision machined.
Revised retro port timings.
Reshaped exhaust port.
Reshaped inlet port.
Reshaped transfer ports.
Porting spec for high powered touring.
Extra material for higher spec tuning.
200 large block cylinder same as 190 small block cylinder.
Improved casting thickness around the cylinder head and base gasket.
Extra 4 studs if required to tighten the cylinder head.
Cylinder head machined so it drops into the bore to centralize squish clearances and prevent gaskets blowing.

Made from modern aluminum.
Heat treated.
CNC machined.
Nicasil bore.
Uses MBD Race-Tour piston at various sizes.

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