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Here's a list of Wiseco pistons/rods and part numbers that maybe of interest for various projects, each is quite useful in its own way, depending what project you are looking at:

Yam rd 350/400 pistons
64mm (k129)
65mm (k131)
66mm (k133)

Kawasaki KDX200
66mm (711mo6600)

Kawasaki H2 - 750
71mm (k105)
72mm (k107)
73mm (k109)

Kawasaki KX250
70mm (439mo7000)
71mm (439mo7100)
72mm (439mo7200)

Yam Rod 116mm - CK119
Yam Rod RD125 110mm
Yam Rod TZ 110mm
Yam Rod RD400 115mm

So what's up with the Rapido 250 piston? Forged + 2 x 1.0mm chromed wire rings, correct compression height, 16mm pin ?

I'll add Honda CR250: Correct compression height (well 40mm): 67 + bore (but 18mm pin)

Nor to forget the Suzuki RM250: 67 +

IT175 piston comes in 66mm to 68mm size, wiesco part no 374M06600 comes with windows suitable for TS1 200, 115mm RD400 conrod part no 2T2, one mm taken of base of barrell, needs cylinder head reprofiling
Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:41 pm Post subject:
Better is an IT250 piston, just rebuilt my mate's engine, crank 58x115, TS1 with packing plate and iron liner, the piston is 71.5mm and it looks like the boost port has been welded and split into 3 so that the ring doesn't run into it - he believes it's a very old MB conversion, havn't ridden it yet but it revs to 12,000 on the stand (krober rev counter).
He claims 100mph but I'm very sceptical and have been trying to get him to do your challenge.
Just had to go through this with a Suzuki RM250 piston for Gran Sport. The original engine was a chrome bore so the Grampian pistons don't have any oversizes.

MB had a great solution but no first oversize (I think the closes was 1.5mm oversize which took the barrel to the end of it's life).

Wiseco had first oversize but are 18mm pins. In the end, I machined 10 "top hat" bronze bushes to suit the wiseco piston and also reposition the clip grooves. If you look at the Wiseco piston the 18mm pins are a lot shorter, hence the clip groves are further inboard. This means that the bushes have to be "top hat" style to stop them coming out of the ends and have to include a re-positioned clip grove for the longer 16mm pin.

The bush is machined to be a light press fit into the 18mm hole, the first 1.5mm being a 5 thou "lead in" for ease of assembly. The 16mm hole is undersize so that once the bushes are fitted they can be honed true (just like the originals). This should get rid of all the problems associated with pin bushes.

I made five sets, I have 4 sets left as of today. It is not a commercial proposition and I don't intend to make anymore so I hope the moderators will let this stand. If anyone is in a hole and needs a set of bushes send me a pm and I'll send you some pictures. They cost me 15.00 per pair to make, yours for the same. Alternitively, they are drawn on Solidworks so if you PM me and ask you can have the CAD files or engineering drawings if you want to do it yourself.

I have some pictures of them but I'm useless with posting pictures on here, if anyone is good at it and thinks it a worthy idea, PM me and I'll send you the pics to post.

Overall, it worked out a little cheaper than the MB route: 90.00 all in (but excluding hasstle time!!!) as opposed to 136.00 (no hasstle time!!!!)for the MB option (price is off the top of my head correct me if I'm wrong). Usefull to know if you are a "do it yourselfer" or on a tight budget. However, if MB had a first or even second oversize it would have been a "no brainer" to go that route.

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