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SCK (Scooter Center Cologne): BGM front dampers, fully adjustable, similar look to their rear shocker. Looks like a very nice piece of kit, no modifications to fork or fork links required.

LTH: Reed Manifold for all piston ported cylinders (carb on left side), comes complete with a Tassinari reed block from a Minarelli Auto engine suits carbs up to 28mm. NO cutting of panels required, will fit with hose and air filter. Fantastic looking kit, fits small block and big block cylinders (like Mugello manifold). Also took their 5-Plate clutch bundle home with me but had no time looking at it. It´s 5 Surflex "B" grade plates (the good light-brown material), the metal piece of the friction plates is slimmer then standard.

MMW: Smegma Clutch, completely CNC machined Lambretta clutch using Moto-X friction plates. Work on this started more then a year ago and now it´s done..what a stunner!!! 6-plate, no packer eq.

Tino Sacchi: Targa Twin and Supermonza Kit. Fortunately met a friend who worked as boss of KTM two stroke development and has same job now with Husquarna in Italy. We took the kit out of the dimly lit hall and examined it for about an hour, Tino didn´t notice this and I think he went mad as he thought someone nicked it...my apologies EmbarassedRazz
It was one of the unplated kits for test purposes, so I don´t know if the finished version is exactly like it - therefore I don´t want to judge it here.


En gros : des ammortos avant tout reglables BGM!!!!c'est cool!!!!
la boite a clapet pour Vforce de LTH taille dans la masse carbu a gauche le tout sans ouvrir l'aile!!!!et le supermonza de Sacchi

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david wrote:
any pic of the BGM front dampers? the MMWclutch seems really nice....

sorry, I think many people didn´t even notice them, so there are no pics around in GSF as well (and I can´t take a camera as I am going to loose it due to spending too much time at the bar) Price around the 175 Euro mark for the pair.

MMW clutch will have seven plates, not six as the one pictured.

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